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Our Sport Spectacle Range

Welcome to our collection of Sport Spectacles. This range of modern Styles is specifically designed for the Sports conscious Youth of today who desire to wear the latest and safest Sport Spectacles and swimming goggles, but at a more moderate cost.

This range of sports eyewear is made to comply with all EU sport specification and safety standards of manufacture using materials which allows full Eye protection with a comfortable fit to allow the user to fully participate in his or her desired sport in the Knowledge that they have the best eye protection available.

Our range of Sport Frames encompasses Eye protection for Swimmers, divers, snorkeling, racket sports of all kinds, hockey, basketball/netball, football, rugby, and field sports such as cycling, skiing and ice hockey.

In fact almost every sport you can mention has a specific Frame available for the protection of your eyes.

If protection is not the main consideration for example as in snooker or for Angling/fishing then we have specific frames for you too.

What about those of you who participate in shooting or archery, well we can help you too, just request information in our "Ask Questions" section and we will advise you on the best eyecare solution for your particular situation.

We Look forward to being of assistance

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